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Small Animal Testimonials

Equine Testimonials

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Maja possum Maja Maja

"Maja and Tcam"
Silvina Bruera, owner Agility
in Motion Video Services www.agilityinmotion.com

"Lady Opossum"
Jackie Turner - Animal Care Shift Captain Wildlife Center
of Silicon Valley

"Team Sibertopia"
Terry & Melissa

Kristy & Robert Kessler
Ava & Richard Shalita

Tavish Peyton Toby louie

  J. Cummings

Doreen Werthmann

  Deb Miller

 Lisa Homuth

shadow Bailey Chelsey rudi

Snitch - Shadow Mtn Quidditch v Vicdory, CD, RAE3, AXP, AJP, OFP, CGC, WPX

Suzanne D

"Chelsey, Red Dog and JJ"

Rudi Clark

zubi Andy Ringling Brothers Rocky

"Usi-Pie and Zubi"
Dawn Drzaic

Char and Dennis

"Gail & the Gang"
Gail Mirabella, Ringling Brothers Circus

"Sophie & Rocky"
Vicki Whisner
Dog Trainer

Liz Andy Jett quimby

Karen W.

Mardi Richmond
Dog Trainer

"Jett Ruslyn's Butch
Cassidy CD, Butch"
Debee Cox
Windmills Wild Blue Yonder UD

Kathy Miller"

Macy Clancy Max Liz

Heather Sims

Jim Barry

Tuminaro Family

" Lizzie"
Nicky Riehl

Dog Trainer

Liz Chloe Peace Twister

Ann Wimmer

Debra Seltzer

Debbi Peters

Debbi Peters