Dr Deb Sell, DC - AVCA/ IVCA Certified Animal Chiropractor Serving Central California

Dr Deb Sell DC

Dr Deb Sell, DC practices in strict accordance to the California Code of Regulations, Section 2038 which states in part that "musculoskeletal manipulation of animals may only be performed by a licensed veterinarian or by a licensed chiropractor working as an unlicensed assistant under direct supervision of a veterinarian at a veterinarian hospital or range setting." As such, Dr Deb Sell, DC works by veterinary referral only. Chiropractic care is never a substitute for veterinary care.

AVCA Certification (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association)

The AVCA is recognized as the world leader in Animal Chiropractic training and certification. The AVCA was established specifically to certify chiropractors and veterinarians in animal chiropractic. By choosing an AVCA Certified Doctor, you are also choosing a properly trained and dedicated professional who will work with you to provide the best of care to your animal.

IVCA Certification (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association)

The IVCA is an international organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of Veterinary Chiropractic. The association endeavours to establish consistently high standards of Veterinary Chiropractic through approved educational courses, certification examinations and the membership code of conduct and standard of proficiency. Membership to the IVCA is only granted to qualified veterinarians or chiropractors (or individuals qualified in both professions) upon successful completion of approved veterinary chiropractic postgraduate training, successful completion of the IVCA certification exam and adherence to membership rules and regulations.